How Do I Create A Gallery?

Vimeography can retrieve and display up to 25 videos from 4 different types of Vimeo sources: usernames, channels, showcases and groups. To show more than 25 videos, check out the section on Vimeography Pro.

Entering a username as your source would retrieve the videos uploaded by a specific user, while entering a channel, showcase or group as your source would retrieve the videos contained in the respective channel, showcase, or group.

For this example, let’s say that your Vimeo username is davekiss, and you want to show the videos that you’ve uploaded to your Vimeo account as a portfolio in a Vimeography gallery.

  1. Go to the Vimeography menu option and choose New Gallery from the menu flyout.

You’re now presented with a small form to fill out, which requires 2 things: a title and a source URL.

  1. Give your gallery a title. It can be anything you want, but for our purposes, call this one My Portfolio.
  2. In the field labeled show the videos from, enter (or, your actual Vimeo username URL) and click Create Gallery.

Bam! Unless someone forgot to oil the machine, Vimeography should have worked its magic and successfully created your first gallery. Nice work!

At any time, you can repeat this process and create another gallery to showcase your collection of videos. Vimeography allows you to create unlimited galleries, so don’t be shy!

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