How Do I Display A Gallery?

Vimeography works by using WordPress shortcode. If you’re unfamiliar with shortcode, don’t worry! You don’t need to learn anything intimidating in order for Vimeography to work.

Inserting on a page/post

Now that you’ve made your first gallery, let’s put it to use by showing it on a new page.

  1. Go to the Pages menu option and choose Add New from the menu flyout.
  2. In the toolbar of the page content editor, find the Vimeography Gallery button and click it to display the Vimeography Gallery helper.

Then, from the dropdown box, select your gallery’s title and click Insert Gallery.

Awesome! You’ve just inserted the gallery onto your page. You can see the gallery in action by clicking Preview under your page’s Publish settings.

If you’re comfortable using shortcode, you can also insert a gallery by typing [vimeography id="#"], where # is replaced by the ID of your Vimeography gallery.

Inserting a Gallery in a theme/template

If you’d like to insert your gallery somewhere other than a post or a page, you can use the WordPress function do_shortcode();

Visit the WordPress developer reference for this function to learn more about how it works.

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