Can I Override My Gallery Settings?

Sure thing! You can define all of the properties found in the admin panel right in your shortcode as well. Try using one, any, or all of the following parameters:

[vimeography id="3" theme="thumbs" featured="" source="" cache="3600" width="600px"]

  • theme
  • featured
  • source
  • cache
  • width

Vimeography Pro Shortcode Settings

Here are the available shortcode overrides when Vimeography PRO is installed:

  • per_page (possible values: 0 to 100)
  • sort (possible values: "date", "likes", "comments", "plays", "alphabetical", "duration", "default")
  • direction (possible values: "asc" for ascending order, "desc" for descending order)
  • playlist (possible values: 0, 1)
  • allow_downloads (possible values: 0, 1)
  • enable_search (possible values: 0, 1)

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