What Are The Advanced Settings? What Do They Do?

Vimeography offers just a few advanced settings to give you a little more control over how your gallery works.

  • The refresh setting allows you to determine how frequently your gallery should reload the videos from your Vimeo source. You may want to adjust this setting according to how frequently your Vimeo source is updated. NOTE: the shorter that you set your refresh setting, the longer that your site and gallery will take to load.
  • The featured video setting allows you to enter the URL of the Vimeo video that you would like to display as the first video in your gallery. This is useful if you have a favorite video, demo reel, or an introductory video that you want to place at the forefront of the gallery, but that may not have fallen into chronological order while being handled in your Vimeo source. If the video that you set as the featured video already exists in your Vimeo source, it will be removed from its position in your Vimeo source and brought to the beginning of the gallery.
  • The Number of Videos setting allows you to set how many videos should display inside of your gallery. The maximum number of videos is 25 videos. If you’d like to show more than that, check out Vimeography Pro, which allows unlimited videos.
  • The Max gallery width setting allows you to limit how wide the gallery should be allowed to display. Normally, a gallery will expand to fit the container it is placed inside, but if you’d like to shrink the gallery to be even smaller than its container’s width, you can set a percentage or pixel-based value here and the gallery will respect that setting.

These advanced settings are optional and do not need to be adjusted in order for your gallery to work properly.

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