Can I override my Vimeography theme template with some custom code?

Vimeography provides the ability to override your theme template files with your own custom code. Since every customization is different, this is something that we are usually unable to help with, but the tools are in place to allow you or your WordPress site developer to make the changes that your site needs to behave according to your needs.

To override a Vimeography gallery theme template, you can copy the gallery theme's .mustache file(s) into a new folder located at one of the following paths and hack away:



Vimeography will load that template instead of the default one for your theme

Working Example

Let's say that you'd like to customize the template for the Bridge gallery theme. To do this, you can navigate to the /wp-content/plugins/vimeography-bridge on your site's server to find a file named bridge.mustache

To customize this file, you should copy it from its existing location to a new folder that you create at the following path: wp-content/themes/[name_of_your_wordpress_theme]/vimeography/bridge/bridge.mustache

If done correctly, Vimeography will identify that you are attempting to load your own theme template and will read the code you place in that file instead of the default template.

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