How do I display my private/hidden/restricted videos?

All about Vimeography privacy settings

If you've been shown the error message "Vimeography could not load this video due to its privacy settings" when attempting to load your videos in a Vimeography gallery, you're in the right spot.

Displaying Hidden Videos

If you would like to show videos that are hidden from Vimeo, you will need Vimeography Pro. 
The way that it works is you mark your videos as hidden from Vimeo and then place them in a Public showcase. You then use that showcase URL as the source for your gallery. The videos won't appear anywhere on Vimeo but will still be accessible by the Vimeography WordPress plugin.

Display Videos with a Domain Restriction

If you have a domain restriction set on your videos, you'll need to add some code to your WordPress theme's functions.php file to allow domain-restricted videos to be included in the Vimeo video collection.

function adjust_vimeography_privacy_filter() {
  return 'none';

add_filter('vimeography.request.privacy.filter', 'adjust_vimeography_privacy_filter');

Alternatively, you can use the Code Snippets plugin to insert this code easily on your site.

You may also need to output a referrer meta tag on your website so Vimeo knows the domain that is attempting to load the video.

add_filter('vimeography.privacy.enable_referrer', '__return_true');


- Verify that you have a current paid Vimeo subscription. Free tier Vimeo plans can not hide their videos.

- Verify all privacy settings for the videos in your collection. The setting should be "hide from"

- Make sure the access token that you're using is for the main user on your Vimeo account. Access tokens from secondary Vimeo accounts that have been granted admin access to the origin account will not work.

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